About Us

What to Expect

If you come to New Creations Chapel, don’t expect it to be church as usual. It is a God directed and God empowered Ministry to bring Glory to Him. The one true, three-in-one God is lifted up as we teach the scriptures. There is only one way to get to heaven, and that’s through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We believe the whole Bible to be the Inspired Word of God. Join us as we love God, love people, make disciples and bring glory to God!

Our Goal: Love God Our Mission: Love People Our Focus: Make Disciples Our Purpose: Bring Glory to God

Who We Are

  • We are a Church that will be a Trade Church: We teach the skills of ministering to others.
  • We are a Training Church: We teach the skills of recognizing and knowing your purpose, your gifts, your calling and your life's mission.
  • We are a Discipleship Church: We teach you how to be a Disciple or follower of Jesus Christ.
  • We are a Determined Church: We teach you to have an understanding of God - the Father, Jesus Christ-the Son, the Holy Ghost-the comforter and the Word of God - the Bible by loving God, loving people, making disciples and bringing glory to God!


Sr. Pastor Timothy W. Cummings
• Bishop of Faith Christian Fellowship International (FCFI)
• Board of Presbyters of Faith Christian Ministers International (FCMI)
• Richmond Area Ministers Association (RAMA), member

Rev. Bonnie Cummings - Children's Ministry/Worship Team

Associate Pastor Joseph F. Cummings

Kelsea Hopkins - Worship Leader

Lisa Patterson - Administrative Assistant